Winon USA offers a complete line of the best quality and most affordable supplies and accessories to cover all your pad printing requirements.


ink-cansWhether it be an automotive, industrial, medical, electronics, or promotional requirement, we can supply an ink compliant to your application. Please click the button below and tell us about the material you want to decorate, we will respond  immediately.


Our pad selection includes the most popular shapes and sizes available in a variety of durometers (hardness) and materials. Custom shapes can be fabricated with a fast turn around time and require no set up or pattern charge. Colorizing of pads is available for ease in production department selection. ie: Soft=Yellow, Medium=Orange, Hard=Red.
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platesOur printing plate selection covers all possible materials available. We offer traditional UV exposure materials, Laserable materials, and short run and long run steel.

We can also provide etched plates of any type etched and production ready.
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Our precisioncups machined ink cups are always in stock and available for immediate shipment. We also have a variety of designs suitable for any brand ringsof machine.
An assortment of replacement ceramic rings are always in stock.

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