Screen Printing Machines for Flat items
Model Print Area Part Height Features wt / kg
160A 160x120mm 100mm Semi-Auto small items 28
260B 260x200mm 100 Fast Machine 120
350B 350x250mm 150mm Larger Image 150
350BR-4 350x250mm 150mm 4 station dial table 280
350FBE 350x250mm 150mm Tall Parts 185
500B 500x300mm 180 Larger Image 300
500FB 500x300mm 180mm Larger Image 380
600BD 600x400mm 100mm Industrial Design 420
600BS 600x400mm 100mm Extra large images 245
600FEB 600x400mm 100mm Extra large images 245
700BE 700x500mm 350mm Extra large images 470
1000BE 1000x600mm 200mm Extra large images 900
1500BE 1500x1000mm 300mm Extra large images 1800

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