2 Color Pad Printing Machines

Model Image Size Features wt/kg
WN-121SE 58mm Desktop model, parts shuttle 50
WN-121ASE 58mm Parts shuttle, work stand 80
WN-121APE 58mm Pad Shuttle, work stand 80
WN-123E 86mm Desktop model, parts shuttle 80
WN-123AE 86mm Parts shuttle, work stand 118
WN-129E 86mm 10 station conveyor 200
WN-123TE 86mm Stationary cup, plate moves in and out 125
WN-123PE 86mm Pad Shuttle, work stand 155
WN-129TE 86mm 10 station conveyor, plates moves in and out 200
WN-131AE 135mm Large cup, parts shuttle, work stand 210
WN-131PE 135mm Pad Shuttle, work stand 220
WN-131EN 135mm Pads independent up / down 240