CO2 Laser Cutter Water Chiller Industrial CW5000 CW5200 S&A Water Chiller


CW5000/CW5200 , , , , , Brand:
  • Long Service Life. Stable refrigeration, energy saving and environmental protection. Samll size, easy to move.
  • Intelligent Control. Two temperature control modes, intelligent temperature control, switch arbitrarily.
  • Complete Products. Optional multiple models, customizable, suitable for more than 100 production industries.
  • Professional Team. Professional R&D team, 19 years of refrigeration experience.
  • Precise Temperature Control. Realizing precise temperature control, the highest accuracy of temperature control can reach ±0.1°C
  • Perfect After-sales Service. Two years warranty, lifetime maintenance, 24 hours online service.
  • Applicable to multiple industries: Metal processing, clothing leather, cnc machinery, precision instrument, advertising logo, 3C industry, UV printing, medical equipment.
  • CW5000 for 130W CO2 Laser Cutter, CW5200 for 150W 180W CO2 Laser Cutter.


CW5000, CW5200

Product details
Compressor Power 0.38KW 1.14HP/0.66KW 0.9HP
Current 0.4-4.42A/0.5-7A
Dimension 58*29*47cm
Frequency 60Hz
Gross Weight 27kg/29kg
Inlet and Outlet OD 10mm barbed connector
Machine Power 0.43KW/0.77KW
Max. Flow 10L/min 13L/min
Max. Lift 10m/12m
Model CW5000/CW5200
Net Weight 24kg/26kg
Package Dimension 70*43*58cm
Pefrigerant Charge 300G/330G
Precision ±0.3°C
Pump Power 0.03kw/0.05kw
Reducer Capillary
Refrigerant R-134a/R-410a
Tank Capacity 7L
Voltage AC 1P 110V