HD UV Printer Machine 3050/3060/5040 UV Flatbed Inkjet HD Printers


UV81180752 Brand:


  • Print Size: 300mm*500mm/300mm*600mm/500mm*400mm
  • Print Nozzle Configuration: Epson Original Print Nozzle
  • Print Color: CMYK+W
  • Printing Height: 0-180mm
  • Resolution: 2880DPI/1440DPI/7200DPI/360DPI
  • Power Requirements: AC220/110, 50Hz-60Hz(3050&3060); AC220/110+10, 50Hz-60Hz(5040)
  • Working Environment: Temperature 15-35, Humidity 20-30%
  • Printing Platform: Tempered Glass Platform (3050 & 3060); Alloy Platform (5040)
  • Nterface Mode: High-speed USB
  • File Format: TFF, BMP, PDF, EPS, JPG
  • Operating System: XP/Win7/Win10
  • Output Software: Ultra Print


Features and Advantages:

  • LED UV Lamp. Environmental Protection and Energy Saving, Long Service
  • LEISAI Servo Motor. High Power, High Speed and High Precision
  • Tempered Glass Platform. Wear-resistant and Durable, Stable and Flat
  • Quiet Guide Rail. Smooth and Stable Sliding, High Bearing Strengh
  • Full Coverage Top Cover. Dust and Radiation Protection
  • Adopt Imported Nozzle, Micro-control Variable Ink Drop Technology, Fine Print and Drop-on-demand Inkjet can Save Costs
  • Wear-resistant and Scratch-resistant; Not Easy to Fade; Batch Printing
  • White Color Synchronous Printing. Capacity Efficiency Doubled
  • Relief Printing. Enhance the Impact Effect of Visual Art, According to the Designer’s Idea in any Area of the Three-dimensional Ralief Effect
  • Mainboard+Software Epgrade. Simpler Operation and Fewer Failures, Making the UV Printer Smarter, Save Time and Cost.
  • Applicable Material: Plastic, PVC, Kraft Paper, Adhesive, Copperplate, Cold Transfer, Crystal Sticker, PET, Coated Paper, Transparent Polyvinyl Chloride, Plastic Sheet, Matte Silver, etc
  • One Year Warranty. Free Shipping, No Import Duty for American Customers.

Printing Size

300*500mm, 300*600mm, 500*400mm (1 nozzle), 500*400mm (2 nozzles)


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