JPT 100W 200W Portable Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine Trolley-type Fiber Laser Cleaner Metal Rust Remover


Trolley-Type Pulse 100W 200W Fiber Laser Cleaner for Rust Removal, Paint Removal, Coating Removal, etc

Technical Parameters:

  • Model: LC-100/LC-200
  • Output Method: Pulsed/CW
  • Delivery Cable Length: 5m
  • Average Output Power: LC-100>100W; LC-200>200W
  • Cooling Method: Air Cooled
  • Power Supply Voltage: 110V-240V(LC-100); 220V-240V(LC-200)
  • Power Consumption: LC-100<450W; LC-200<1000W
  • Anti-Reflection Protection: Yes
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 0~40℃
  • Storage Temperature Range: -10~60℃
  • Handheld Laser Head: 0.62Kg
  • Weight: 28Kg/50Kg

Features and Advantages:

  • Trolley-type Chassis Design, Can be Carried on High-speed Train and Flight Easily with 28kg Full Weight.
  • Super Integrated Injection Molding Chassis, Cushioning Design, Stable Structure, Wearable, Shockproof and Drop Resistance.
  • Lightweight Cleaning Head. The Cleaning Head is Extremely Lightweight, and Can be Operated by Hand for Long Time.
  • Collimated Laser Beam Output, Beam Size Customizable(Default 4mm).
  • Patented Red Light Assisted Focus Technology. Can Adjust the Focus Position According to Different Focus Lenses.
  • Remotely Update Wireless Control, can Realize Parameter Setting and Emission Control Remotely, Update Parameters at any Time.
  • Compared with the continuous laser cleaning machine, it is more suitable for cleaning with higher precision requirements such as mold cleaning.

Application and Service:

  • Applied Material: Resin, Greasy Dirt, Rust, Coating, Plating, Paint
  • Application Area: Aviation, Electronic Machinery, Rubber Mould, Equipment Manufacturing, Auto Parts, Food Processing
  • Free Shipping by DHL/UPS About 7-15 Days, No Import Duty.
  • After Sales Center in NY, US. Offer Remote Assistance for Operation Issues.
  • 1 Year Warranty for the Whole Machine, 2 Years Warranty for the Laser Source. (Consumables are not covered by warranty)
  • We also have 1000W 1500W 2000W Continuous Type Laser Cleaner for Optional.


100W, 200W

Product details
Ambient Temperature Range 0~40℃
Anti-Reflection Protection Yes
Average Output Power LC-100>100W; LC-200>200W
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Delivery Cable Length 5m
Handheld Laser Head 0.62Kg
Model LC-100/LC-200
Output Method Pulsed/CW
Power Consumption LC-100<450W; LC-200<1000W
Power Supply Voltage 110V-240V(LC-100); 220V-240V(LC-200)
Storage Temperature Range -10~60℃
Weight 28Kg/50Kg