Laser Cleaning Machine – Rust, Oil, Debris & Paint Removal


Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine. Used for For Rust, Grease, Paint, and debris removal.
Featuring respected industrial laser source by JPT.

LC-1000/1500/2000 , , , Brand:

Technical Parameters:

  • Laser Source Power: 1000W/1500W/2000W
  • Scanning Width :10-50mm
  • Laser Type: Continuous
  • Total Power: 5500-9500W(Chiller included)
  • Cleaning Efficiency: 15-45m2/h
  • Cable Length: 7m
  • Laser wavelength: 1064±5nm
  • Voltage: 220V1380V,50/60Hz (Transformer provided)
  • Environment Humidity: ≤70% no condensation
  • Cooling Method: Water cooling
  • Cooling Water Requirements: Purified or distilled water


Features and Advantages:

  • JPT Laser Source, Hanli chiller, smart operation system, fiber optic cable.
  • Fast , 360 degree uniform results.
  • Applicable to a wide variety of industrial applications.
  • User friendly handheld strain free operation.
  • Cabinet with easy roll casters.
  • Simple and friendly operators interface.
  • Zero consumables required.



  • Rust Removal, Oil Removal, Paint Removal, Oxidation Layer Removal, Anti-coating Layer Removal, etc.
  • Widely used in Automotive Restoration, Aviation, Marine, Manufacturing, and a vast assortment of industries.


Service and Delivery:

  • 1 year warranty, support center in Buffalo NY.
  • Cost of machine includes taxes and delivery to customer site. Ocean delivery 45 to 60 days.


1000W, 1500W, 2000W

Product details
Cable Length 7m
Cleaning Efficiency 15-45m2/h
Cooling Method Water cooling
Cooling Water Requirements Distilled water
Environment Humidity ≤70% no condensation
Laser Source Power 1000/1500/2000 watt
Laser Type Fiber
Laser Wavelength 1064±5nm
Scanning Width .5-2" or 10-50mm
Total Power 5500-9500watt (Chiller included)
Voltage 220V1380V,50/60Hz (Transformer provided)