Laser Welding Machine Welding Nozzle


LW-Nozzle , ,
  • Selected copper, thickened material. Strong conductivity, fast heat conduction, long life span.
  • Smooth welding, residue is not easy to block. High concentricity, high heat dissipation, high efficiency.
  • Complete specifications, diverse diameter.
  • Single specifications 5 pieces in one set.
  • Nozzle set includes(9 pieces): AS-12, BS-16, CS-12, ES-12, FS-16, Cutting Nozzle 1.5mm, Nozzle C, AS-20D, FT70 Scale Tube


AS-12, AS-20D, BS-16, CS-12, Cutting Nozzle, ES-12, FS-16, Nozzle C, Nozzle Set


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