JF-500 Laser Cleaning Auxiliary Device for Stable Operation and Even Cleaning


JF-500 Laser Cleaning Auxiliary Device. Solve the problems of unstable hand holding and uneven cleaning. With auxiliary device, Better cleaning effect.

Technical Parameters:

  • Input Voltage: AC110V-220V±10%
  • X-axis Travel: 500mm
  • Z-axis Travel: 500mm
  • Running Speed: ≤40mm/s
  • Net Weight: 21kg
  • Gross Weight: 34kg
  • Packaging Size: 800*340*380mm

Features and Advantages:

  • Stable operation, even cleaning, high smoothness. Control and fix the appropriate focal length and then realize automatic cleaning.
  • 9 cleaning operation modes. Can realize reciprocation, fixed distance, following, etc. Save worry and effort. Be more efficient and safer.
  • Multi-angle adjustable, can also be used with a rotary axis for rotational cleaning. Adapt to more cleaning requirements.
  • Magnetic Base, can be attached to large workpieces that are difficult to move.
  • Two-way speed adjustable one-button adjustment for forward and reverse, adapt to different operating needs.
  • One-button start and stop. Simple and convenient operation.

Product details
Gross Weight 34kg
Input Voltage AC110V-220V±10%
Net Weight 21kg
Packaging Size 800*340*380mm
Running Speed ≤40mm/s
X-axis Travel 500mm
Z-axis Travel 500mm