60W Desktop Jewelry Spot Welder Metal Jewelry Welding Repairing Machine


  • Wavelength 1064nm. Max Output Power 60W, Max Pulse Energy 40J
  • Small and Convenient. Whole weight 25kg. Air-cooled Cooling System.
  • High Productivity. Fast Welding Speed, Noiseless Operation, Welding Efficiency is Greatly Improved. Welding Time is Significantly Reduced.
  • Miroscope+Camera System. Binocular Microscope, Ergonomic, Optical; Long Time Observation without Fatigue.
  • High Welding Quality, Beautiful Gaps, No Need for Secondary Processing. Effectively Improve the Pass Rate of Finished Products.
  • Application Industry: For Mobile Communications Industry, the Arts and Crafts and Jewels, Electronic Components, Sensor Appearance, Precision Machinery, Hardware, Spare Parts for Car, etc.
  • Application Material: Widely used in Precision Machining of Small Parts, Rings, Pendants, Bracelets, Dentures, Mobile Phone Charger Interfaces, Hardware, Watches, Sporting Goods, Golf Heads, Medical Equipment. Titanium Alloy Jewelry, especially used for Hole Patching of Gold and Silver Jewelry, Spot Welding Seam Pattern, Inlaid Parts and Other Welding.

Product details
Aiming and positioning Microscope + camera system
Cooling System Air Cooled
Dimensions 510*295*420mm
Electricity Demand 220V±5%, 50HZ
Host power consumption ≤2KW
Max. output power 60W
Max. pulse energy 40J
Model LJW-60W
Operating Temperature 0-25℃
Pulse Width 0.1-15ms
Pump source Single lamp
Wavelength 1064nm