400L Laser Solder Fumes Purifier for Laser Cutting Engraving Machine Laser Marking Machine


200nm-450nm 800-2000nm OD6+ laser safety glass for laser cleaner and laser welder

400L ,

400L Laser Solder Fumes Purifier for Smoke Removal, Dust Collection, Deodorization, Fireproof

  • Model:SFX-400L
  • Input Voltage: AC230V 50Hz
  • Filtration Effect:0.5μm 99.9%
  • Power:700W(No-load) 600W(Full Load)
  • Air Inlet: Φ75mm/100mm
  • Noise: 60-65dB
  • Rated Air Volume:800m³/h(No-load) 600m³/h(Full Load)
  • Weight:46kg
  • Size:500*380*1050mm
  • Filtering System. Mult-layer Filter, Long Service Life, Low Cost and High Efficiency.
  • High Speed Brushless. Adopts German/Japanese Advanced Brushless DC Motor Technology with Stable Performance. High Negative Pressure and High Efficiency.
  • Appearance and Structure. Body Integrated Design, Metal Frame Structure, Cold-rolled Steel Plate Electrostatic Spray Process, Durable.
  • Added High-efficiency Activated Carbon Composite Filter. Fireproof Net, 8-layer Dust Bag, H13 True HEPA Filter, 2 Activated Carbon Odor Filter Cartridge.
  • The laser solder fumes purifier comprehensively purifies and filters the smoke, soot, and a small amount of odor, harmful and toxic gases generated by laser marking, laser engraving and cutting, laser welding solder, polishing and grinding.
  • Wide Application: Industrial Laser Cutting, Industrial Laser Marking, Industrial Laser Cutting Die, Industrial Laser Engraving, Air Pollution Dust Particles, Factory Workshop Assembly Line


MFP-100W, MFP-20L, MFP-20W, MFP-30L, MFP-30W, MFP-50W, MFP-70W

Product details
Air Inlet Φ75mm/100mm
Filtration Effect 0.5μm 99.9%
Input Voltage AC230V 50Hz
Model 400L
Noise 60-65dB
Power 700W(No-load) 600W(Full Load)
Rated Air Volume 800m³/h(No-load) 600m³/h(Full Load)
Size 500*380*1050mm
Weight 46kg