80W/135W Fume Extractor with 3 Stage Filters Strong Suction Smoke Purifiers


SFX-180/250 , Brand:
  • SFX-180 Parameters: Voltage: 110V/220V; Power: 80W; Wind Speed: 14m/s; Noise:<55db; Rate of Flow: 180m³/h; Weight: 9kg; Dimension: 280*280*430mm;
  • SFX-250 Parameters:Voltage: 110V/220V; Power: 135W; Wind Speed: 2*10m/s; Noise:<63db; Rate of Flow: 2-125m³/h; Weight: 10kg; Dimension: 280*280*500mm;
  • Three Stage Filters, Rapid Purification; Circular Filter Element can Filter on all Sides
  • The Dust Holding Capacity is 4 Times That of Ordinary Single-sided Filterelements
  • Three-gears Variable Speed Adjustment can Achieve up to 180-250m³/h Flowrate
  • Flexible Pipes, the Suction Pipe is Composed of Many Shortened Pipes and Each Interface can be Adjusted Universally.
  • Small Size, Easy to Put on or under the Workbench and Inside the Supporting Equipment
  • Equipped with 4 Quality Universal Wheels with Buckles, Convenient to Move and Fix at any Station
  • Strongly Absorb the Harmful Smoke and Dust Produced by Soldering, Laser Marking, Welding, 3D Printing, Manicure and so on



SFX-180 (80W), SFX-250 (135W)