SFX Enclosure Laser Protective Cover for Split Type Fiber Laser Engraver


SD-3-OD6+ , , Brand:
  • Protectable Waveband:190-400nm/800-1100nm OD6+ Visible
  • Light Transmittance: VLT≥40%
  • Applicable Lasers and Wavelength: UV Laser 266nm/355nm; Tunable Semiconductor Laser 808nm; YAG Laser 1064nm
  • Absorptive Protection, All-round Protection From Near-Infrared Laser and Strong Light
  • With the Characteristics of Anti-Impact, Anti-Scratch, Water-Scalding Resistance, etc. It is More Safe, Durable and Reliable
  • The Optical Density Value is Higher, the Attenuation Rate is Higher, and the Protection is More Efficient and Reliable
  • Products can be Customized in Size and Style
  • The Product Has Passed the EU EN207:2012-04 and CE Certification
  • Shields Harsh White Flashes

Material Type

Ordinary Glass, Anti-laser Glass