720/870/1350mm Cutting Plotter Vinyl Cutter Machine Sign Cutting Machine


Equipped with Signmaster Basic Software,suitable for a variety of image formats. Great for advertising industry,car beauty industry,fashion design,etc.

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Main Features:

  • Three Interfaces: USB/COM
  • D type main board, Support coreldraw directly output
  • Casting carriage, high precision
  • Can cut 1mm size
  • Manual contour function
  • Stepper motor, low sound, high speed

Technical parameters:

  • Max media width: 720mm@SFX-720/870mm@SFX-870/1350mm@SFX-1350
  • Max. cutting width: 630mm@SFX-720/780mm@SFX-870/1260mm@SFX-1350
  • Main board: D type main board
  • Contour type: Manual contour
  • Accuracy: +/-0.01mm
  • Feeding accuracy: 3m
  • Interface: USB/COM
  • Drive motor: Stepper motor
  • Feeding roller: Aluminum roller
  • Carriage: ABS carriage
  • Stand: Aluminum bracket
  • Speed: 20-800mm/s
  • Force: 20-500g
  • Applicable software: ARTCUT、Graph-cut、Signcut、Signmaster

The vinyl cutting plotter machine can be used in advertisement field, various decoration, handcraft, supplementary for heat transfer, label & sign making, etc

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SFX-720, SFX-870, SFX-1350

Product details
Accuracy +/-0.01mm
Applicable software ARTCUT、Graph-cut、Signcut、Signmaster
Carriage ABS carriage
Contour type Manual contour
Drive motor Stepper motor
Feeding accuracy 3m
Feeding roller Aluminum roller
Force 20-500g
Interface USB/COM
Language EN
Machine power <100W
Main board D type main board
Max. cutting width 630mm@SFX-720/780mm@SFX-870/1260mm@SFX-1350
Max. media width 720mm@SFX-720/870mm@SFX-870/1350mm@SFX-1350
Model SFX-720/SFX-870/SFX-1350
Power supply AC 90-264V
Speed 20-800mm/s
Stand Aluminum bracket