CNC 3-Axis Engraving Machine Mini Round Rail CNC 3020/3040/6040 Engraving Machine For Wood PCB Acrylic


SFX-3020/3040/6040 , , Brand:


  • Model: SFX-3020 SFX-3040 SFX-6040
  • Frame Material: The Whole Machine is Made of 6061 Aluminum Profile
  • Max. Workpiece Thickness: ≤115mm(SFX-3020)/≤125mm(SFX-3040)/≤120mm(SFX-6040)
  • Engraving Speed:50-1500mm/min(Different Speed Settings According to Different Materials)
  • Repeat Positioning Accuracy:≤0.05mm; Speed: 0-24000r/min
  • Cooling Method: Water Cooling, with Cooling Submersible Pump
  • Spindle Accuracy: Radial Runout≤0.03mm
  • Engraving Instruction: G Code/TAB File/nc file/NCC file
  • Software Environment: Windows XP 32-bit, Windows 7 32-bit
  • Input Voltage: AC110-220V


Features and Advantages:

  • All Aluminum High Strength Worktable. Strong Bearing Capacity and Strong Processing Stability.
  • Stepper Motor. Motor Runs Fast, Low Noise, Suitable for Processing and Production.
  • High Precision Lead Screw. Wear Resistance, Guaranteed Accuracy and Extended Service Life.
  • Workmanship. Make Every Effort to Create a High-quality Non-welded Body, Simple and Firm
  • Lightweight Guide Chain. Wear-resistant, High-temperature Resistant Non-deformed, Flexible in Assembly and Disassembly, Long Service Life.
  • Accessories: Host, CNC Controller, Power Cord, USB Cable, Water Pump, Sealing Tape, Attachments.



  • Our Machine is Mainly used for Engraving and Milling on PVC, Acrylic, Two-color Boards, Engineering Plastics, Bakelite, Solid Wood and Other Materials, and Processing of Graphite Electrodes.
  • It is Also Suitable for Engraving PCB Circuitboards, Wooden Model Abrasives, and Handicrafts.
  • It Can Cut Holes and Grooves on Plastic Boxes, EVA, Foam Cotton, and Chassis Panels that do not Exceed the Specified Specifications.
  • It is Suitable for Industry, Technology Development, Advertising Design, Art Creation, Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges, and DIY Enthusiasts.
  • Applicable Industries: Wood Punching, Mahogany Relief, Wood Lettering, Plastic Processing, Two-color Plate Lettering, Metal Hollowing, Plastic Hollowing, Aluminum Block Processing.


3020, 3040, 6040