SG7110 Fiber Galvo Scanner Head


FGH04JSG7110 ,

Galvo Head Set

Input Aperture: 10 mm


  1. cost-effective high speed galvo scanner
  2. High Speed Scanning, precise Positioning and Stable Performance
  3. Zero Drift, Small Size and Strong Anti-Inteference
  4. Extensive application: Laser deflection and two- dimensional localization,etc.

Product Description

Input Aperture: 10 mm


Input Aperture: 10 mm

SG7110 High Speed Galvo Scanner

Product Name SG7110 Product Data
working Temperature 0-45°C
linearity 99.90%
Setting Time <0.4ms
Scale Drift 40PPM/°C
Zero Drift <15µRed./°C
Long-term Drift Over 8 Hours <0.5mRed
RMS Current 2.0A
Peak Current 15A(Max)
Maximum Scan Angle +15°
Storage Temperature -10 to +60°C
Resolution 12µrad
Repeatability 8µrad
Input Aperture 10.0mm
Beam Diplacement 13.4mm
Motor Weight 120g
Frequency <800Hz


Input Aperture: 10 mm


What’s Include

Input Aperture: 10 mm


SG7110, SG7110 (Red Dot)