200W 300W 500W Fully Enclosed Platform Automatic Laser Cleaning Machine


Small and medium-sized workpieces/complex workpieces floating rust, paint, oil and plating layer automatic online cleaning

DLC-200A/DLC-300A/DLC-500A , , , , ,

Product Parameters:

  • Model: DLC-200A DLC-300A DLC-500A
  • Laser Power: 200W 300W 500W
  • Laser Wavelength: 1064±10nm
  • Operation Mode: Pulsed
  • Pulse Width: 10-500ns
  • Modulation Frequency: 1-4000kHz(200W); 1-3000kHz(300W/500W)
  • Cleaning Space Size: Default Lens 330mm, Scanning Area 10-250mm (Optional lens 254mm, scanning area 10-175mm/ 420mm, scanning area 10-300mm)
  • Workbench Size: 1300*970mm
  • XYZ Stroke: 800*400*400mm
  • Input Voltage: AC220V±10%
  • Input Power: 3KW 3.5KW 5KW
  • Cooling Method: Air Cooling Air/Water Cooling Water Cooling
  • Water Tank Capacity: 16L
  • Machine Size: 1580*1440*1900mm
  • Packing Size: 1800*1600*2100mm
  • Net Weight: 580kg(Machine) 50kg(Chiller)

Features and Advantages: 

  • Full range of CNC systems. Realize cross-stage stability, movement and light flow more smoothly.
  • Teaching programming 1 hour to get started. Support mlti-language process library design, set it once, use it directly at any time.
  • Fully automatic online cleaning with communication system. Matching with robotic arm to realize double-station automatic changeover.
  • Five-axis linkage flexible operation. 360° rotary axis standard configuration, adapt to a variety of complex working conditions.
  • Meet the 800*400*400mm space size of the workpiece cleaning.
  • Double-pendulum galvan multiple light patterns static cleaning size up to 300*300mm. Fast cleaning and scanning speed, whole surface and pick a point cleaning.
  • Totally enclosed higher safety protection. Push-button automatic door safe visualization of cleaning.
  • Dust removal air knife design. Remove impurities, do not burn the lens, better cleaning effect.
  • International standard accessories. Comprehensive details protection.
  • Passed many rigorous tests(anti-interference, high temperature, vibration, fatigue, cable bending, high humidity test) in the industry. Reliable, stable and durable quality.

Application and Service:

  • Application: Rubber residue removal, metal surface rust removal, oil/stain removal, plating/coating removal, welding surface/painting surface pretreatment, paint stripping, tire mold residue removal, cleaning and restoration of artifacts.
  • Applicable Industries: Aerospace & Marine, Electromechanical, Rubber Molds, Auto Parts, Equipment Manufacturing, Food Processing.
  • One year warranty for the whole machine, two years warranty for the laser source.
  • After Sales Center in NY, US.  Offer Remote Assistance for Operation Issues, Lifetime Online Technical Support.
  • Free Shipping to your Door, No Import Duty for American Customers.
  • Payment Method: 30% prepayment, 70% before shipment

Laser Power

300W Multi Mode, 300W Single Mode, 500W Multi Mode, 500W Single Mode


Five Axis, Three Axis

Product details
Cleaning Space Size Default Lens 330mm, Scanning Area 10-250mm (Optional lens 254mm, scanning area 10-175mm/ 420mm, scanning area 10-300mm)
Cooling Method Air Cooling Air/Water Cooling Water Cooling
Input Power 3KW 3.5KW 5KW
Input Voltage AC220V±10%
Laser Power 200W 300W 500W
Laser Wavelength 1064±10nm
Machine Size 1580*1440*1900mm
Model DLC-200A DLC-300A DLC-500A
Modulation Frequency 1-4000kHz(200W); 1-3000kHz(300W/500W)
Net Weight 580kg(Machine) 50kg(Chiller)
Operation Mode Pulsed
Packing Size 1800*1600*2100mm
Pulse Width 10-500ns
Water Tank Capacity 16L
Workbench Size 1300*970mm
XYZ Stroke 800*400*400mm