CO2 F-Theta Lens


USFTL05CF565 ,

CO2 F-theta Lens

for CO2 Galvo Marking System

High Quality USA CVD ZnSe

Accurate Beam Position

Design Wavelength 10.6um(CO2)


CO2 F-theta Lens

F-o scan lenses play a major role in many of today’s leading-edge laser applications. Cloudray manufactures scan lenses for laser systems that are used for marking, engraving, via hole drilling, and more.

In a typical scan lens configuration, the F-O lens is used with one or two axis galvo mirrors that enable fast positioning and precision focusing of the laser beam.

While standard focusing lenses deliver a focused spot to only one point, scan lenses deliver a focused spot to many points on a scan field or workpiece. They also require special considerations in their design and use.

  • the finest optical materials in the world
  • special housing designs to optimize performance
  • wavelength options: 10.6um(CO2 Laser)
  • designs featuring 1 to 5 optical elements
  • low loss AR coatings
  • precision optical elements



CO2 F-theta Lens

Part Number Focal Length(mm) Diameter(mm) Scan Field(mm) Working Distance (mm) Mounting Thread (mm)
CL-10.6-50-75 75 48 50×50 57.5 M85x1
CL-10.6-70-100 100 48 70×70 85.7 M85x1
CL-10.6-90-125 125 48 90×90 111.9 M85x1
CL-10.6-110-150 150 48 110×110 135.9 M85x1
CL-10.6-110-230 230 48 140×140 227 M85x1
CL-10.6-175-250 250 48 175×175 232 M85x1
CL-10.6-210-300 300 48 210×210 288.1 M85x1
CL-10.6-250-360 360 48 250×250 352.9 M85x1
CL-10.6-300-430 430 48 300×300 414.7 M85x1
CL-10.6-400-541 541 48 400×400 536.5 M85x1

USA Znse D48 F100 70*70, USA Znse D48 F125 90*90, USA Znse D48 F130 90*90, USA Znse D48 F150 110*110, USA Znse D48 F160 110*110, USA Znse D48 F230 140*140, USA Znse D48 F250 175*175, USA Znse D48 F300 210*210, USA Znse D48 F360 250*250, USA Znse D48 F430 300*300, USA Znse D48 F541 400×400, USA Znse D48 F565 400×400, USA Znse D48 F75 50*50


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