HM03-B OD6+ Laser Safety Glasses for Laser Cleaner and Laser Welder Machine


200nm-450nm 800-2000nm OD6+ laser safety glass for laser cleaner and laser welder

Technical parameters and applicable lasers of HM03-B type lens safety glasses:

  • Model: HM03-B
  • Protection Wavelength Range: 200nm-450nm  800nm-2000nm
  • OD: 6+
  • Typical Wavelength: 355nm, 405nm, 450nm, 808nm, 980nm, 1064nm

Features and Advantages:

  • HM03-B OD6+Laser Safety Glasses for Laser Cleaner and Laser Welder Machine
  • High-efficiency explosion-proof laser safety glasses synthesized by polycarbonate (PC) and light-absorbing materials of specific wavelengths.
  • Its optical safety performance fully complies with GBB1762-93 “Laser Goggles Physiological Hygiene Standard”.
  • Large body frame, comfortable to wear, wide field of vision, you can wear the myopia glasses at the same time.
  • Reinforced one-piece design legs for more comfortable and easy wearing.
  • PC (polycarbonate) lens, anti-static, impact-resistant, scratch-resistant
  • Large size lenses wider field of view, more comfortable to wear
  • Side wings with protection window design. All-round resistance to laser damage.


MFP-100W, MFP-20L, MFP-20W, MFP-30L, MFP-30W, MFP-50W, MFP-70W